Start saving right away...

Unlike other community solar subscription providers, with Source Power Company you don’t have to wait months or years to start receiving savings on your electricity bill.

Why Choose Us?

 We Provide Reliable Energy at an Unbeatable Price

No Credit Checks

No minimum credit score required.

Save Money

Customers save on their monthly energy bills.

Immediate Benefits

Your savings and other benefits start right away.

No Installation

No costly solar panels on your roof.

How It Works

Easy Enrollment

If you are an electricity customer in New York you can sign up on our secure website. All you need is your contact information and utility account number.

Nothing Changes For You

Continue to use electricity and pay your utility bill. Source Power Company will be your electricity provider. No credit check or upfront costs to you.

Local Solar Is Produced

You will receive credits on your bill every month from local solar that you support.

Cost Savings $$

As a residential customer you save up to 10% on your electricity supply compared to the utility company.

Additional Program Benefits

Looking for reasons to sign up for our Community Solar Program?
Well here are three more reasons to make the switch right now.

Integrated energy bill

short term contract

local job support

Frequently Asked Questions

You will still receive your utility bill like usual, but Source Power Company will be your energy supplier and you will see a credit for your clean energy community participation.

Within 1 billing cycle you will begin saving money as we supply you with electricity. You will immediately be placed within a community solar project or you will be placed on a waitlist. In either case you will be saving money as compared to your local utility.

Depending on your new location, Source Power Company can transfer your service to your new location at no cost, there are no other fees if you are moving out of our service area.

Any commercial or residential utility customer in our service area can participate, both owners and renters.

There are no up-front costs and no credit requirements. You can begin saving immediately with us.

We deliver benefits to residential and commercial customers without relying on marketing gimmicks and giveaways that other suppliers use to attract new customers. Our commitment to customer service and savings differentiates Source Power Company among our competitors.

Signing up is easy, you can sign up on our website by clicking here. You can also call us at 1-833-227-2660 or email us at and we will reach out to you to collect your information.

Our Customer Portal integrates our technology platform to provide our customers with the latest data about their billing status and community solar benefits.

Community Solar allows you to participate in locally produced solar without installing costly equipment on your property. Click this link to learn more

Our Customer Portal integrates our technology platform to provide our customers with the latest data about their billing status and community solar benefits.

You can cancel anytime, just provide us notification one month in advance, there is no cost to terminate.

Ready to Save?

Nothing changes in the way you receive or pay your electricity bill now. Source Power Company will be your electricity supplier and provide you credits from a local community solar farm. You will see your savings right on your utility bill starting in the first billing cycle.

For commercial customers, we are able to structure tailored solutions based upon your energy needs and deliver savings right away.

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