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Source Power Company lowers subscriber costs to increase project returns

Decades of experience in energy supply and solar development inform Source Power Company’s insight so that we can now offer one of the lowest cost subscriber acquisition for partners—as well as the most efficient, credit-worthy customer management and billing solution in the New York market.

Subscriber Acquisition Cost

+ lower operation and maintenance cost

Source Power Company results in a 1% to 3% increase in project unlevered IRR’s.

Subscriber O&M Cost

over time

Source Power Company subscriber management, billing, and compliance cost is 60% to 80% lower than the competition.

Our Solutions

Customer Enrollment

We ensure that your project is enrolled on time with validated accounts.

Oversight & Compliance

We provide projects and asset owners monthly and annual reporting to comply with utilities and state regulators.

Proven Technology

Our back-office billing and customer management solution has been in operation for over 20 years.

Immediate Customer Benefits

Energy customers start saving as soon as they enroll.

Integrated Energy Bill

Customers will also receive one integrated energy bill rather than having to manage a separate solar bill.

Customer Care

Our customer service team are experts in energy supply and community solar in New York to handle customer concerns and questions promptly.

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